What should I bring to my first appointment?
What if I am running late for my appointment?
Do you accept my insurance?
When should I have my first GYN exam?
When should I schedule my well woman exam?
Will you remind me of my appointment?
Should I bring my records from my previous doctor's office?
Do I have to be seen yearly if I’ve been told that I don’t need a Pap smear every year?
Do you have wheelchairs available?
What Is a Pap Test?
What is Gardasil?
What are my options for birth control?
Why do I have to fill out paperwork at each visit?
I found a lump in my breast; can my doctor order a diagnostic mammogram for me?
I’m having lots of hot flashes and night sweats; what should I do?
I have a colored vaginal discharge with a foul odor; do I need to be seen?
I am having a lot of lower pelvic pain; should I come in for an ultrasound?
I missed one or two of my birth control pills; what now?